Fair Meadow Nursing Home
May 2017
Resident of the Month

Faye "Marge" Busch

GIRL: Marge was raised by Larus and Johanna Thordarson in an Icelandic community near Mountain, ND and had 2 older brothers. With 100% Icelandic parents and grandparents, she started to sew, began her love of arts and crafts, played piano and trombone, and taught herself to cook and bake. Marge was also brainy as an Honor Society member and graduated with honors and cords.

ICELANDER: At her grandparents' home almost every Sunday, family would gather for great food with purely Icelandic in the air. Marge learned to understand the Icelandic without speaking it herself. The household secrets, like Christmas presents or juicy gossip on the phone, were not secrets to her. With her Icelandic blood, she's a woman of strength, courage, humor, and creativity.

WIFE: Marge married Gene nearly 60 years ago on August 25. During Gene’s profession of teacher/coach, principal, and superintendent, they moved to towns in North Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota. As a couple, they also took trips to other states.

MOTHER: Marge and Gene had 3 kids: Jeff (Belgrade, MT), Lisa (Troutdale, OR), and Karen (Fertile, MN). All three kids were talented in high school sports, and Marge didn't miss bleacher duty too often. From baby to child to adult, she's an amazing mom.

GRANDMA: Jeff married Julie, and they have two young men: Kyle and Ryan. Lisa married Dennis, and they have two young ladies: Peyton and Annika. Marge would send handmade quilts and goodies to give them long distance smiles. Marge also tried to travel to Montana and Oregon once a year.

FRIEND: From childhood to senior citizen, Marge has had good friends for companionship and laughter. About 10 years ago, Marge and Karen organized a luncheon for her girlfriends from church, 4-H, and school. The neat group of ladies meets each summer with different organizers and places. Karen also brings Marge to the August 2 Icelandic celebration in Mountain, ND to see the parade and the old friends.

WORKER: At the start of their marriage, she worked a few years at the county courthouse in Cavalier, ND. When Karen went into first grade, Marge got a job as an office clerk for Kmart in Thief River Falls, 20 miles from our hometown of Newfolden. Marge took classes at Northland Community College (TRF), and she woke up the younger students, and maybe a few instructors.

COOK: My grandma wasn't the greatest cook, so Marge had to teach herself to cook and bake. During our childhoods, Marge had surprise nights for new recipes, and we voted on the meals for a repeat later. Taco hot dish was a winner, but tuna hot dish was a loser. Mom and I baked for years 10 types of Christmas cookies for the family and for my Christmas party in Duluth, MN. Marge also baked egg dishes for the monthly staff meetings at Kmart.

VOLUNTEER: Marge started early to help at church events to give her time and effort. When my brother was in boy scouts, Mom was his Den Mother for years. With the girls, she volunteered as their girl scout leader and served on the regional board. Marge was also a Women's Club member and president.

ARTIST: In my earliest memories, my mom showed her creativity in many ways. She sewed matching outfits for my sister and me on Easter and Christmas. Her quilts are shared with every member of the family. For girl scouts, we always had a surprise every week. My mom and I went to a ceramic business to play with glazes, paint, and projects. A few years ago, my mother and I took a class in mosaics, and we've loved our projects: backsplash, flower pots, frames, table, entryway, and bathroom counter. Marge painted several paintings in her life, and we went to a craft camp to paint last summer. Now, my mom loves the art projects. She gets her creativity from her Icelandic blood.

TRAVELER: As a family, we took road trips to the West in the summer in our black station wagon. Mom and I took trips by car and by plane to visit family in MT and OR. Marge went to the North Shore and South Shore of Lake Superior with Karen. We also travelled to Winnipeg to watch the horse jumping at the Pam Am Games. Mom and I took a guided trip on big buses around Iceland. A few years later, we went to London, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen by ourselves. We laughed and ate for two weeks. I asked her as we looked at the Eiffel Tower, "Did you ever dream about a visit to Paris as a farm girl from North Dakota?" She looked up at me with a smile, "I never ever dreamed."