Fair Meadow Nursing Home
January 2015
Resident of the Month

Clarice Lindberg

Clarice Angeline Gunderson was born in Fosston, MN on December 21, 1926. She was the first child of Carl and Alice Gunderson. Her brother Walter was born 2 years later. They lived on a farm 7 miles E of Bijou. When she was a teenager, her father bought
a farm in Fosston, where her brother still lives to this day. Clarice graduated from the Fosston High School in 1946. After high school she worked at the Fosston Hospital.

She met Raymond William Lindberg and married on June 5, 1948. Their first home was a second story apartment in Fertile, MN.
They lived there until the birth of Wayne Randall Lindberg, November 8, 1952. They then bought an 80 acre farm 5 miles NE of Fertile when Wayne was 8 months old. Ray at that time was running a haying business with his brother, Leo Lindberg. In 1959 Ray decided to buy a semi and start hauling grain to Duluth and Minneapolis. Clarice loved being a mother, and was very protective of her little boy. When Wayne was 7 or 8 they bought him a Shetland pony, who did his best to eliminate anyone who rode him. It was then that the family also discovered Wayne was allergic to horses. The pony was sold shortly afterward. Their family was a member of St. John's Lutheran Church in Fertile, where Clarice was very active, teaching Sunday school and participating in Circle.

Clarice loved being a mother, keeping house, baking, gardening, travelling and camping. The whole family also enjoyed many hours of
snowmobiling on the family farm. In 1964 they took a family trip to the New York World's Fair. After Ray bought a Winnebago, their family started a tradition of camping over the 4th of July holiday with her cousin & her husband, Adel & Leroy Stenmoen. The 4 of them also took a Winnebago trip to the southern U.S., seeing Nashville, the Smoky Mountains, and the Grand Ole Opry. Clarice and Ray also travelled to Las Vegas with his brother, Leo and his wife Thelma.

After Wayne graduated in 1970, went to St. Cloud Business College and got a job in the Twin Cities; Clarice decided to get a part
time job at the Fair Meadow Nursing Home, where she worked until 1988. Wayne married Janis Mary Schiks on June 5, 1976. They had 3 children, Randall William (1979), Matthew John (1981), and Rena Marie (1982). Clarice & Ray loved seeing their grandchildren.
Unfortunately, in 1983 Ray passed away of a heart attack and Clarice made the decision to sell the farm. In 1984 she moved to Stephen Drive in Fertile. In 1988 Clarice travelled by camper with Wayne and his family, and Jan's sister, Diane, to San Antonio, Texas.

Clarice got a second chance at love when she met Don Aagenes, the brother of her friend, Caroline Erickson. They married on June 18,
1994. With her marriage to Don, Clarice acquired a step son, David Aagenes, and step daughter, Vicky Parise. DavidlPatty have 3 sons, Jason, Daniel & Kyle and Vicky has 2 daughters, Christy and Jill. At present Clarice & Don have 8 great grandchildren; Randall/Grace's daughter, Eira, Jason/Stephanie's girls Alexa & Hailey, DaniellLindsay's boys Noah, Gabriel & Sammy, and JillfMartin
Rudzick's girls Ella and Anna.

Don and Clarice have led very active lives. They loved to dance, cross country ski, eat out, and volunteer; they frequently helped at the Sand Hill Nature Center, Meals on Wheels, St. John's and Concordia Lutheran Church. Don also worked for about 10 years at Erickson Vic Funeral Home. Don & Clarice also made a trip out to Montana to visit his brother, Millard. They also drove through Yellowstone, the SD Black Hills and saw Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse. They moved into the Summerfield Apartments in the fall of 2013 and sold the Stephen Drive home in 2014. Clarice entered Fair Meadow in late August 2014.