Base Rent Package
Studio - $850.00 per month
1 Bedroom - $1,140.00 per month
2 bedroom - $1,600.00 per month

  • Heat, Air Conditioning, Electricity, Water, Sewer garbage Removal, Solid Waste fee, Snow Removal, Lawn Care

  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarms

  • Security System

  • Kitchen Appliances (fridges in all, stoves in some) Carpet, Cabinets, Window Blinds

  • Free Access to Washer and Dryer

  • Free Access to Commons Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room areas

  • Free Access to Beauty/Barber Shop

  • Ambulance Fee

  • Property Insurance

Level 1 Care
$1,600.00 per month

Designed for a resident who needs:

  • 24 hour on site awake staf

  • 24 hour emergency pendant

  • 2 meals daily (noon and evening)  

  • Weekly laundering of bed linens (up to 2 loads of flat linens per week)

  • Weekly light housekeeping (mopping floors, vacuuming & sweeping etc)

  • Reasonable assistance with arranging medical & social appointments 24 hours a day

  • Nightly every 2 hour safety checks

  • Discreet wellness checks twice a day

  • Initial assessment and ongoing assessments of physical and cognitive needs every 90 days by RN/LPN and/or during significant changes

  • Blood Pressures and weight one time per month

  • On call RN/LPN for staff consultation 24 hours per day 7 days per week

  • Periodic opportunities for socializing and activities

  • Snacks/coffee provided daily

Level 2 Care
$1,7340.00 per month

In addition to your services within Level 1, this level adds:

  • Supervision with bathing twice a week

  • Minimal assistance with personal laundry (1-2 loads per week semi-independent)

  • Medication set up by nurse and re-ordering of medications, excludes prefilling insulin

  • Occasional friendly reminders for activities, meals etc (1-3 times weekly)

  • Assistance with 1 ADL daily (dressing or grooming)

Level 3 Care
$1,884.00 per month

In addition to your services within Levels l and ll, this level adds:

  • Medication reminders (up to 4 times a day)

  • Occasional friendly reminders for grooming, meals and activities (3-5 times weekly)

  • Minimal assistance with bathing twice a week (washing, drying back, minimal assist with dressing

  • All personal laundry 2 loads per week

  • Occasional assistance with incontinence

  • Assistance with 2 ADL’s daily

Level 4 Care
$2,134.00 per month

In addition to your services within Levels l, ll, lll, this level adds:

  • Daily medication administration

  • Comprehensive indiscreet incontinence management

  • Complete 1 assist with bathing twice a week

  • Friendly daily escorts/or reminders for meals, activities

  • Weight bearing transfer with 1 assist

  • Assistance/reminders with more than 2 ADL'S daily (dressing or grooming)
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Cost Summary

Level Studio 1 BR 2 BR
Level 1 $1600 $1600 $1600
Level 2 $1734 $1734 $1734
Level 3 $1884 $1884 $1884
Level 4 $2134 $2134 $2134

Additonal Services

Guest Meal $7.50/Meal
Breakfast $7.25//Meal
Daily Breakfast Package $190/Month
Daily Noon Meal $225/Month
Daily Supper Meal $225/Month
Daily Noon & Supper Meal $400/Month
Apartment Maintenance Services (installing drapes, moving furniture, etc) $15.00 per 15 minutes
Carpet Cleaning $20.00 per 15 minutes
Additional Housekeeping Services (deep cleaning –
spring cleaning, special projects, dusting, etc)
$15.00 per 15 minutes
Bed Making $7.00 per 15 minutes
Extra Laundry beyond package allowancd $15.00 per Load
Replacement Pendant $117.00
Replacement of Lost Apartment Key $20.00
Replacement of Lost Mailbox Key $20.00
Escort Services for Meals and Activities (within facility) $5.00 per round trip
Mail pick up/delivery $3.00
Grocery pick up/delivery $15.00 round trip
Hair shampoo and set by AL staff $12.00
Beauty Salon/Barber Shop Price set by Hairdresser
Registered Nurse and LPN Services – Which may include:
diabetic nail care, wound care, dressing changes, injections, nurse visit for illness, emergency or brief intermittent services beyond service level. 
$15.00 per 15 minutes
(minimum charge of 15 minutes)
Resident Care – Which may Include:May include bathing/whirlpool/ minimal assistance with dressing (beyond service level), skin care/lotion, ambulation, collection of UA samples, non-diabetic nail care, short term assist with toileting, incontinence care and transfer assist (2 week maximum). $12.00 per 15 minutes
(minimum charge of 15 minutes)
Blood sugar checks $125 @ 1 time per day – per month
$175 @ 2 times per day – per month
$225 @ 3 times per day – per month
$275 @ 4 times per day – per month
Nebulizer Treatments $12.00 per 15 minutes
Additional comfort/safety checks $3.00 per check/apartment
Lab Work $45.00 per sample collected
Pacemaker check by RN/LPN $15.00 per 15 minutes
Prefill insulin syringes by RN/LPN $15.00 per 15 minutes
Anticoagulant Therapy updating med caddy, transcribing and obtaining order RN/LPN $15.00 per 15 minutes
Medication Administration (includes ordering, implementing medication changes, etc per month) $170.00 @1 time per day per month
$260.00 @ 2 times per day per month
$350.00 @ 3 times per day per month
$440.00 @ 4 times per day per month
Medication reminders by Universal Worker $12.00 per 15 minutes
Oxygen Management-O2 concentrators/Liquid O2/Portable Tanks/Ordering O2 supplies $20.00 per 15 minutes
TED socks applied on in AM
Off in the PM by Universal Worker
$12.00 per 15 minutes
Transportation within Fertile - Round Trip $25.00
Transportation to Crookston - Round Trip $90.00
Transportation to Grand Forks- Round Trip $175.00